Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Al Ain Trip–Visit to the Oasis

While in Al Ain, we decided to stop at an actual Desert Oasis.  It wasn’t quite like in the movies, but still pretty cool.


 P1050958    P1050960

The kids running through the Oasis


P1050964  P1050966

I’m guessing my mom was point out something important about the leaves



   P1050967    P1050968


P1050970 P1050971 P1050975

Cameron exploring



    P1050976     P1050977


      P1050981 P1050982

This looks like Cameron flipping us off and walking away but I swear it wasn’t, really.

P1050985A rare moment of Isabella hanging on Alexander while he doesn’t mind.



P1050986 P1050989

One of my favorite pics!

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