Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ski Dubai

We decided to take the kids to go skiing today.  There is a ski slope in a mall out in Dubai.  We grabbed some hat and mittens and drove 1.5 hours to a mall to ski!

Alexander really wanted to try snowboarding and Bella wanted to try skiing.  We signed them up for classes and then I took Cameron to play in the snow while my mom watched from a café with a warm drink in hand.

You are able to rent all your equipment, including your clothing there.  EVERYONE is dressed in matching red/blue/black ski clothes wherever you look!

I couldn’t get to where Isabella was during her lessons, but I did get some pics of Alexander.


This is one of the dorkiest pictures of Alexander (sorry kiddo) but Bella looks great :)



Alexander is in the middle snowboarding down in the blurry black/white picture and then in the middle on top of the other blurry pic!


P1000327 P1000329 P1000330

He looks a little grumpy getting dressed, but had a blast once he was in.  He loved trying to make snowballs.


P1000338 P1000332 P1000333

He liked throwing snowballs at everyone whether they were ready or not!  He enjoyed exploring the little caves and doing what he could.

P1000334                  P1000335

This is the best overviews I could get of the place.


He liked trying to climb and enjoyed the tube ride where you hold on and the bars spin around and drag you.


There’s my little daredevil flying down the hills on his inner tube.


P1000344                         P1000347


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