Saturday, December 17, 2011

Camel Festival

We headed out to the Camel Festival in Al Dahfra today.  There were supposed to be lots of camels and judging and a beauty contest and more.  You can win cars and money if you have a top camel.  It was a bit of a drive but what the heck!


Camels are actually pretty loud when you put them all together! It’s a little fast for the panning around–sorry!

                           P1050676          P1050687

P1050688Alexander, Bella and their friend Brian checking out the camels                             


                     P1050699            P1050703

Mom and Cameron checking out the Camel.  She was trying to get him to touch it.  He wasn’t keen on the idea, but Bella was!

P1050704                        P1050707          P1050710

Random guy who led Cameron off to see his Camel and he managed to get close but didn’t want to hold the reins



                        P1050723          P1050726

Did you know there are black camels too?  They were kept in a different area.  Yes, the camels were segregated.

                        IMG_3819           IMG_3820

Here are all the cars and trucks lined up that were some of the prizes.  There are soooooooooo many white vehicles here, which is weird considering how dusty and dirty it is.  Maybe you can see white better?  Not sure the reasoning.  But we had a white car as our rental and it sucked having to find it in a parking lot!



I never tire of seeing people riding camels across the street as the cars wait.  It’s not like this where we live in the city, but when you get out to the smaller areas of the dessert you see it now and again.

After looking at camel after camel after camel after camel.  We decided there didn’t seem to be much else going on in this area.  There was supposed to be a camel beauty contest but maybe that was later – it’s not like there were signs or brochures or anything.  So – we heard about another area that was there for just this year that was put on by the Ministry of Defense (I think that’s what it was called).  It was basically an educational thing with lots of booths and vehicles and exhibitions so we drove a couple minutes over to check it out.


                  P1050736                  P1050741

                              There were big camo tanks.                                                                    This is their Police Cars


They of course had a big tent with tea and cake so we stopped for a lovely rest.


                       P1050758          P1050759

There was a souk area nearby and Bella wanted one of those gold head decorations so she got one and wore it the rest of the day.



Police on horses


                     P1050767                        P1050769

Random military person who came and picked up Cameron and took him over to the horses.  He is getting used to different people toussling his hair, patting him on the back and picking him up.  I’m getting used to it too.  We just followed along.  Ranking is different here – back home 3 stars would be a big time general, here it’s much lower on the officer scale. 


Apparently there is a military band too



There was a lot to look at and giveaways all over.  The kids each got a backpack filled with fun school supplies and hats and shirts and a scarf and a pin and stickers.  We came across a booth with guns…….


                  P1050777             P1050778

There was no problem having him hold the guns and Cameron was in heaven.  Brian has carried a gun for work for years.  My kids are all aware of gun safety and respect, don’t fear guns.  Cameron appeared pretty comfortable…………..



There’s something a little funny a little sweet and a little disturbing about this picture, I know.



I have no idea who these people are but the guy in blue took Cameron’s hand and walked him over to the group and they stood there waiting for us to take their picture, so we did.



There was even a martial arts demonstration.





All in all it was a fun, educational day in the UAE.

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