Monday, September 12, 2011

Bella's Football Try-outs

Today Isabella had football tryouts.  I drove to where I thought they were (5 minutes from my house) and ended up missing the turn and having to drive over a bridge and 3 miles away before I could make a u-turn and get back to it and then go to three different buildings and talk to 6 different people before coming to the realization that I was in the wrong place and then I couldn't find my phone and then we came home for it and I saw a message about the try-outs being somewhere else and then Bella had taken off her soccer stuff and then I had to make her put it back on and rush to get to it and I was almost out of gas and we were 20 minutes late and it was 6:20 and the kids hadn't eaten dinner.

Yes - it's a GIANT run-on sentence.  But, that's how that hour felt.  Go, go, go, go - rest.

We got to the Zayed Sports City where there were try-outs going on EVERYWHERE.   So many kids from tots on up to teenagers.  I found U-8 because that's what I thought she was.  She is 8 by September 1st - isn't that how it goes?  It was about 25 boys and 1 girl plus Isabella.  I asked if there were different teams for boys and girls and they said there isn't enough interest for the girls.  Bella didn't care.  She was hungry and cranky and just wanted to play soccer.

They explained at the end that they automatically take the kids from the year before and it only leaves 8 open spots after that.

She was awesome.  She totally held her own and the coach's were impressed.  I talked to them afterwards and it turns out - SHE WAS IN THE WRONG AGE GROUP.  Argh!!!

The coach was disappointed because he said he could've used her.  He said she should've tried out for U-10, but he knew that was filled up so recommended she try out with U-13.  I reminded him that she is EIGHT.  He said, no problem.  She'll do great.

Now then, I know Bella is a good soccer player.  She has a real knack for it.  But - good enough to be playing two levels up, no.  Really.  I think she'll be trampled.

But - he said to bring her for the next try-outs (there are two to three try-outs for the team) and he'll introduce us to the U-13 coach.

Wish us luck!

Meanwhile, Cameron and Alexander played soccer on their own and Cameron made a crown of soccer markers:

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