Thursday, September 22, 2011

A trip to Meena (or is it Mina?) port

There is a wonderful fruit market, vegetable market and fish market. Supposedly you can dicker on the prices but I will have to take a seasoned market shopped to see how that's done.

It was crazy-hot and I had all three kids with me but they were pretty good. The workers all seemed to love Cameron and four different guys offered him bananas....I'll just shop there once a week and then I won't need to buy bananas again!

We saw lots of yummy foods and bought a few things.

There is also a plant market.

Here are the few things we purchased.

Grapes, potatoes, eggplants, mangoes, kiwis, ginger root and mandarin oranges. Everything was delicious and we'll go back this Friday again!

We drove by the fish market but the car line to get in was sooooo long. I'll try that again some other time.

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