Thursday, September 29, 2011

Body Fat Calipers Suck

I decided to do a free personal training assessment.  It starts with weighing, measuring and body fat checking.  Awesome.  I asked the personal trainer what the more accurate way to check the body fat is.  The choices were holding onto one of those metal handle things or having them use a pinchy body-caliper thing.  He said the caliper is more accurate.  Fine.

What I didn’t realize is that they grab your fat and pinch it in multiple places.  (I thought it was just the tricep.)  He did the upper right back, tricep, thigh, hip and abdomen.  Then he added the numbers, checked on a chart and told me how awful it was.  Actually – not too bad.  But – I asked what my range should be.  He said 15% – 20%.  Ummmm – call me crazy but isn’t that like triathalon-training, skinny, super-fit percentage like?   Unless I eat celery and fish and exercise 3 hours a day it’s not happening.  Not to be pessimistic or anything, just realistic.

So – it’s almost October 1st and the first of a month is always a good day to get back in the groove with some healthy eating.  If I’m paying a bunch for the Country Club membership and taking these kick-butt classes then I should be showing something for it dangit!

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