Thursday, September 22, 2011

On the hunt for Playdates.....

I've been here a month and I have been trying to find playdates for Cameron since before we got here. It is common for people to start preschool here at 18 months so it's hard to find friends for Cam.

We tried an Abu Dhabi Mums activity one day and it was similar to the Toddler Time that was at our Boys and Girls Club back home. The cost was 20 dhs and it was about 10 minutes from our house. I think there was one child Cameron's age and most of them were under 2. But, they had snacks and toys for him to play with and I met a couple nice moms so it wasn't a total bust.

Then, we tried St. Andrew's Playgroup. It costs 15 dhs and happens a couple times a week at a non-denominational church in town. There were snacks and fun toys for Cameron but older kids. They did a nice singing circle at the end and it wS interesting to hear familiar songs with different tunes and Old Macdonald prefaced with "we don't do the pigs whispered to me after I suggested the song". This adults were a mix of nannies and moms at this one and I met a few nice moms.

I tried finding moms to set up playdates with but most kids are in school.

Now I was concerned. There is no public library and no story time, mom & kid activities are for younger kids and most kids his age are in preschool. Argh!

I started calling and emailing preschools to see if I could find an opening this late in the game. Most of them were either full or only had spots for 5 days a week (at a lovely cost of about $1,000 a month too).

I crossed fingers and hoped for one to come through.....

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