Friday, September 23, 2011

Ice Cream.....delivered?

I was craving something sweet tonight. Bella was off playing at a neighbors and I didn't feel like dragging the boys out. I called a restaurant that we order deliver from sometime to see if the ice cream (that I had seen on their menu) was available for delivery.

It sure was! Score!

The had chocolate, vanilla, mango and strawberry and they were 2 dhs each (about $.50). I ordered one of each. It was delivered 20 minutes later.

There was a 2 dhs delivery charge and I tipped 3 dhs. So total cost was 13 dhs or about $5.

On the plus side.....small, individual, true single servings. Tasted yummy. Prevented me from buying an entire pack of Oreos and eating all of them.

On the cream can be purchased for delivery.

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