Friday, September 23, 2011

The Fish Market

Hello sensory overload.

Decided to check out the Fish Market with the kids today.

The smell is intense when you walk in and I needed to hold back from gagging. Luckily that passed soon enough. There were rows upon rows of men selling what was probably fresh fish on ice. Aside from Red Snapper, Shark, Hammour, Crab, Shrimp and Lobster.......I didn't know what anything was.

There were several aisles of fish on ice with men trying to get you to buy from them. I had no idea what was good or what wasn't. Today was just an exploratory expedition.

Beyond the rows there was the fish cleaning aisle. The kids were mesmerized and I was holding back from retching. There are buckets of fish guts, gross stuff on the wet floor and people just gutting, filleting, de-scaling and hacking away. I didn't capture pics of this.

As we left that area we saw a spot for grilling and seasoning.

They also had bags of dried fish and dried fish pieces for sale.

From what I've heard you can buy fish, bring it to the preparing area and specify how you want it cleaned and then if you want you can go and have it seasoned and grilled right there.

What a fresh way to go. Now if I can just find someone who knows what they are doing to walk me through it all.....

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Jojet said...

if it strong at times. my mom and i we go to the asian market here in the east bay, at union city ca. and they can do everything, just buy the fish and have them clean it and you can also asked them to cut it for.