Thursday, September 22, 2011

Preschool Begins

We heard back from a preschool on Sunday. They had an opening for two days a week (Sun/Tues) and they sounded fabulous.

1:7 ratio
Outside play area
Indoor play area
Structured Activity
Free Play Time
Library Time
Staff sounded friendly
Full Time nurse on staff

I went in Monday morning for a tour and LOVED it.

He started Tuesday morning and did great! The secretary even texted me twice to update me with how he was doing and she tried taking a few pics too.

Cam was so excited to go, really. He just didn't want his picture taken.

They also have an indoor gym area for playtime too.

He walked right in like he owned the place and the teacher said he acted as if he's always been there. Now if only that attitude lasts!

So that was my baby heading off to school. I thought I could handle it and I was fine but I'm going to take an entire separate blog to talk about the actual day.

He had to find his name and put it on the tree.

A fun pretend play area they utilize.

Dress-up Area and the door to his room.

It's a big school with 8 different classrooms for kids from under 12 months to 4. Each class has kids about 6 months apart in age.

Covered Outdoor Play Area #1

Covered Outdoor Play Area #2

After I picked up Cameron and we headed to get the big kids from school (Bella had her first girl scout meeting and I wanted to attend. Usually they take the bus home so I would just get Cam and come home).

We passed the school playground and Cameron said "there's a boy out there who wants to play with me. He was at my school with the car shirt on."

Sure enough, there was a boy with a Cars shirt on that looked his age and Cam went right up to him and they started playing. So, I located the mom and sure enough her son is in class with Cam on Tuesdays. The mom was nice and we talked about getting the boys together for a playdate. They ran into each other at the ACS playground a few days later too.

Preschool was a total success!

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