Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tried a Mangosteen


We decided to try a new fruit today.  They are called Mangosteens and in this case they had been sitting in my fridge for three weeks.


P1000191As you can see, there was no expiration date on the package so I thought we’d give it a try.











They ended up being like cutting a golf ball in half:




Eventually I got it cut open and found 6 garlic clove like pieces that were soft-ish and very tart.


Decided to buy them again at the Fruit Market a few days later and they were soft and cut open easily and were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!!   Lesson learned:  don’t buy them and let them sit in your fridge for three weeks.  Eat quicker.


Melinda C. said...

Is there ANY fruit that's good after three weeks in the fridge?? Ha!

Jojet said...

i love that fruit, in the east bay a lot of asian stores has them.