Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just Driving Around

Felt like driving around today....

One of the things that make driving crazy is there doesn't seem to be a right away. Everyone is fending for themselves and yielding for no one. Even pedestrians run across four lanes of traffic like frogger.

Here is the sign for the roundabout near our house. It has three lanes and no signage for what lane goes where so people shoot from the inner ring to exit. It makes for some pretty defensive driving.

Neat Bldg.

The Corniche. It is only 20 minutes from our house and has bike lanes and walkways running all along the water.

You can rent pedal cars there too.

More construction.

Downtown Abu Dhabi.

Lots of trees. Just different than the kind back home.

mcDonalds truck. Can you see the Arabic writing on it?

Some demo going on

Dunno what this is but looks like a golf ball up there.

These white bus things are everywhere and they carry guys from the work camps to the city.

Mosques are everywhere. I don't hear the call to prayer too often though but I think it happens five times a day.

Some buildings look like they shouldn't be habitable.

More downtown.

Random building.

Talk about public transportation.

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