Friday, September 30, 2011

Tried Church–It’s a New Reality

So – my first trip to church didn’t go so well.  We went after being here less than 2 weeks and I was craving something like home.  I walked out in tears because it was NOTHING like home.

We’ve been back a couple more times and now I enjoy it.  I am learning that I have a new reality here.  I cannot have things just like at home and that’s okay.  I will find new things, meet new people and try new experiences.  They are new and different and that’s okay.

So they don’t touch each other at church, no holding hands during the Our Father and no shaking hands during the “peace be with you” – that’s okay.  We can still smile and aknowledge each other. 

So the singing is different, that’s okay – I can like different music. 

So there is no communal coffee & donut time afterwards.  That’s okay – I like the cheap coconut bread, sugar bread and onion rolls that I buy from the table outside after we’ve walked among 10,000 people all squished together to get outside. 

So it’s not easy to hop in the car and get home, I can enjoy the 1/4 mile walk in the sunshine to my car and then bumper-to-bumper traffic to get out of the parking lot.

It’s not like home but that’s okay.

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Melinda C. said...

I'm thinking the coconut bread, sugar bread, and onion rolls are in direct conflict to the talk about body fat percentages in the last post. Just saying. They're Catholic, right? Any fish???