Thursday, September 22, 2011

One of those Days

I woke up and decided to check email real quick. The Internet was down. Crap!

I checked something on my phone and saw I had an email from the boat place where our boat is listed for consignment and they had a buyer but needed some documents emailed, other documents printed/signed/scanned and emailed too within 12 hours or the sale wouldn't happen. Did I mention my Internet was down? Crap!

I tried making a call and was told that the phone wasn't working because our limit was reached. WTH? I don't even know what that means. Crap!

I had to get two kids out the door for the bus and Cameron had his first day of preschool.

Got the big kids out the door.

Got Cameron to school and could feel the combo of no Internet/no phone/sending my baby to preschool starting to bubble to the surface. Sucked it down, didn't cry and headed out the door.

Met a friend for coffee and breakfast and tried to enjoy my time. I wS a lovely two hours.

Then, I headed to the cell phone place to deal with my phone issues. After waiting 20 minutes, I was seen. It was explained that I owed 2000 dirhams and my phone wouldn't work until the bill was paid. WTH?? I had a plan with 250 local minutes, 250 international minutes and 250 data minutes. I swear I haven't been on the phone that much. Maybe the Internet on my phone is the problem. I asked if there was a separate data plan I could add on and she said there wasn't. I asked for an itemization and she said it wasn't available until the bill closed and was printed. So, I was supposed to pay a bill for stuff I can't verify in order for my phone to work again. I asked for a supervisor and that did no good. I paid 700 dirhams just to get the phone working again and decided to wait until the bill came to deal some more.

As I was leaving (in a big huff, mind you) I decided to talk to a different person at the door about a way to stop my phone from potentially draining power and costing me money. He spoke great English and showed me how to fix my phone and said that YES, there was a separate data plan. He even brought me to a computer for help right away so I didn't have to wait in line. I was grateful. He started helping me out and I started getting upset. I was thinking of all I had to d and how much I had to shell out for my stupid phone ($600 USD) on top of the monthly bill and I was irritated that I had no notice about going over the limit (apparently that's a service for people with the next plan up, ugh) and Im thinking about how my baby just went off to I start crying. Yep. Not a pretty sight. I'm not sobbing, just quietly tearing up and trying to wipe m eyes Nd making the service guy reallllly uncomfortable. He looked really concerned (women must keep their emotions intact here) and asked if I was going to be okay. I muttered something about stress and tried my best to not make it worse.

He was really helpful and offered to file a complaint about my situation. I even tried asking for a one time waiver. They don't do that but maybe I can get a credit for some of it.

I finished up there and hurried to the embassy to find a computer and scanner to use to take care of my boat issues. To make a long story short....what should have taken 15 minutes took over an hour but it got taken care of eventually. I even managed to get the mail, pick up postage and vent to a friend about my emotional day.

I finished there and it was time to run up to get Cameron. Not a relaxing day but a productive one. Here's hoping for a better day in the future!

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